The list of SL landmarks!

The list of Secondlife landmarks

Delirium –
Gloomy Thought –
+++Legacy Cain+++
Sugar & Cyanide–
Zombie Suicide –
**** New landmarks are being added as I discover new places so stay tuned****

It’s Time To SLX Connect!

love this!!



There’s a new social network in town! It’s called SLX Connect and describes itself as a ‘Social Life Xperience Network’ for SL Avatars.

It’s the brainchild of Athayus Quan, who has been working really hard over the past few months to establish this new site and it looks as though the work is paying off; already the stats are showing that the site has jumped significantly in worldwide rankings in a very short space of time.

If you use Facebook then you won’t find the site intimidating to use at all. It’s easy to navigate and establishing a profile is very simple. You can add all kinds of updates including  photographs, videos and even Soundcloud playlists if you so wish. If you are a huge fan of social networks then I’ve no doubt that this one will make a great addition to your portfolio.

I’m really enjoying using it so…

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